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UV-C TL loose lamp 55W

65 Extra A2-Bonuspunten
  • Effective algae control
  • Specific compatibility
  • Easy installation

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Product number: WSB719
Manufacturer: Philips
EAN: 871150061866510
Product: Philips UV-C TL Lamp 55W - Compatible with TMC Pro Clear & PRO Pond - Algae Control and Clear Ponds
Short description Philips UV-C TL Lamp 55W for TMC Pro Clear and PRO Pond - Algae Control & Clear Pond
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Product information "UV-C TL loose lamp 55W"

A Crystal Clear Pond with Philips UV-C TL Spare Lamp 55W

Do you value a pure and clear pond? Then discover the power of the Philips UV-C TL spare lamp 55W. Specifically designed for the TMC Pro Clear 55W and the PRO Pond 110, this lamp ensures impeccable water quality.

Product Details

  • Wattage:

    55W for effective algae control
  • Length:

    90.6 cm including pins, fits perfectly
  • Compatibility:

    Specially made for TMC Pro Clear 55W and PRO Pond 110
  • Brand:

    Philips, a trusted name in lighting and technology

Key Benefits of the Philips UV-C TL Spare Lamp 55W

  • Suitable for the permanent suppression of floating algae
  • Long-term clarity of pond water, creating a soothing effect in your garden
  • Simple installation, keeping your pond effortlessly clean and healthy

Questions Answered by Our Pond Lighting Specialist

  • Question:

    How often should I replace the UV-C lamp?
  • Answer: We recommend replacing the lamp once a year for optimal results.
  • Question:

    Is this lamp also suitable for other pond filters?
  • Answer: This lamp is specially designed for TMC Pro Clear 55W and PRO Pond 110 and may not fit other models. Always check the specifications of your pond filter.


The Philips UV-C TL spare lamp 55W is the essential choice for pond enthusiasts aiming for clear and healthy pond water. This lamp is not only easy to use but also effective against algae that pollute the water.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Lighting Specialist

  • +

    High quality and reliability from Philips
  • +

    Specially developed for certain pond filters, ensuring optimal performance
  • +

    Easy replacement for yearly renewal
  • -

    Not suitable for a wide range of pond filters

A Clear Pond Begins with the Right Lighting

Make the switch to the Philips UV-C TL spare lamp 55W today and enjoy a perpetually clear pond. With Philips' reliable technology, you are assured of superior performance and a worry-free experience.

Properties "UV-C TL loose lamp 55W"
A2 Bonus Factor: 3x Bonus points
Wattage: 55 Watt

UV-C TL 55W Replacement Bulb: Key Features and Benefits

The UV-C TL 55W replacement bulb from Philips is an essential part to keep your pond water clear and clean. This product is the perfect solution for Koi and pond enthusiasts who want only the best for their pond. It guarantees the quality and reliability typical of Philips, making it an indispensable item in your pond maintenance equipment.

Application During Seasonal Transitions

During the transition between seasons, ponds can suffer from floating algae due to temperature differences. The Philips UV-C TL 55W replacement bulb is the ideal solution.

  • Effective algae control during fluctuating temperatures
  • Ensures a stable and healthy pond environment, even in variable weather
  • Prevents green water, which is especially common in spring and autumn

Pond Maintenance for the Koi Enthusiast

Koi require high standards for the quality of pond water. Pure and crystal-clear water is essential for the health of these fish. With the UV-C TL 55W replacement bulb, your pond maintains perfect conditions throughout the year.

  • Prevents diseases in fish by eliminating harmful bacteria
  • Ensures a clear pond, making Koi more visible
  • Long-lasting effectiveness, essential for the well-being of Koi

Preparation for Summer

Summer often brings increased algae growth due to more sunlight and warmer temperatures. The Philips UV-C TL 55W replacement bulb ensures that your pond remains clear and healthy even during this period.

  • Intensive control of algae blooms in the sunniest months
  • Helps maintain an ecological balance in the pond for optimal flora and fauna
  • Improved water quality leads to less maintenance and more enjoyment of your pond

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