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Our warranty and repair service - A2KOI

At A2KOI we are here for you both inside and outside the manufacturer's warranty period. All items you buy from us are covered by the legal warranty. Legal warranty means that a product is or should do what the consumer can reasonably expect it to do. Some products are also covered by a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty does not negate the legal warranty.

Within the manufacturer's warranty:

  • Free Repair: If your product fails within the manufacturer's warranty, we will provide free repair. Please note that damage due to improper use or application or wear and tear of parts is not covered by the warranty.
  • 30-day rule: Is your product defective within 30 days of purchase? Then you can choose to receive a refund or exchange it for a new product.

After 30 days and within warranty period:

  • Manufacturing defects: If the defect is due to a manufacturing defect, we will assume all repair costs.

Except for manufacturer's warranty:

  • Paid service: You can come to us even after the manufacturer's warranty. We will examine your product and give you an estimate. Based on that, you decide whether you want to have it repaired.
  • Submit repair: You can do this easily and quickly in-store or via our online return form.


Additional in-store service:

  • Manufacturer's warranty check: Stop by the store if you want to know if your defect is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We can assess the problem with you and, if possible, fix it immediately.