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UV-C T5 Loose Lamp 40W

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  • Efficient Water Purification
  • Easy Installation
  • Optimal Compatibility


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Product number: SB618
Manufacturer: Aquaforte
EAN: 8717605073972
Product: As a GPT-4 AI playing the role of an English-speaking Senior Content Marketer, you are requested to translate the following text into English with the correct context, grammar, sentence structure, and readability. No feedback is requested, only the translation:Aquaforte UV-C T5 Pond Lamp 40W - Stainless Steel Power UVC Unit Compatible, 33.66 inches.
Short description AquaForte UV-C T5 Lamp 40W - Spare Pond Lamp for Stainless Steel Power UVC Unit, 33.7 inches
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Product information "UV-C T5 Loose Lamp 40W"

Radiant Pond Clarity with the Aquaforte UV-C T5 Lamp

Discover the power of clear pond water with the Aquaforte UV-C T5 spare lamp of 40W. This efficient bulb offers the ultimate solution for water clarity and the health of your pond.

Product Details

  • Brand: Aquaforte
  • Type: UV-C T5 spare lamp
  • Wattage: 40W
  • Length: 85.5 cm (including pin)
  • Color of base: Light blue
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Aquaforte Stainless Steel Power UVC Unit
  • Additional: Protrudes 0.7 cm for easy installation

Key Benefits of the UV-C T5 40W Lamp

Experience a new standard of water purification – the Aquaforte UV-C T5 40W lamp is your partner in pond maintenance.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Light Specialist

  • Question: Is this UV-C lamp suitable for every pond?
  • Answer: This lamp is specially designed for use in the Aquaforte Stainless Steel Power UVC Unit, ensuring optimal fit and function in conjunction with this system.
  • Question: How often should I replace the lamp for the best result?
  • Answer: For maximum effectiveness and clarity of the pond water, we recommend replacing the lamp annually.


The Aquaforte UV-C T5 spare lamp of 40W not only improves the clarity of your pond but also contributes to the overall health of pond life.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Light Specialist

  • + Ensures clear pond water
  • + Easy installation with a 0.7 cm protrusion
  • + Perfect match with the Aquaforte Stainless Steel Power UVC Unit
  • - Annual replacement necessary for optimal results

Transform your pond today with the Aquaforte UV-C T5 spare lamp, and enjoy clear, healthy water. Order now and take the step towards a brilliant pond experience.

Properties "UV-C T5 Loose Lamp 40W"
A2 Bonus Factor: 3x Bonus points
Type of UV-C Lamp: T5 lamp blue fitting
Wattage: 40 watt

Aquaforte UV-C T5 Pond Lamp 40W - Stainless Steel Power UVC Unit Compatible, 85.5cm: Key Features and Benefits

Restore brilliance to your pond with the Aquaforte UV-C T5 Pond Lamp. Designed for the true Koi and pond enthusiasts, this lamp offers unmatched water control for a crystal-clear pond.

Overall Improvement of Water Quality

The Aquaforte UV-C T5 lamp offers a solution for pond owners who struggle with murky water and algae growth. Delivering a powerful 40W of ultraviolet radiation, this lamp ensures clear pond water.

  • Reduces the presence of harmful bacteria and algae
  • Improves the health of your Koi and other pond inhabitants
  • Ensures a clear pond, enhancing the visibility of your precious fish

Prevention of Algae Bloom

Avoid the green haze caused by algae growth. The Aquaforte UV-C T5 lamp is essential for maintaining a healthy pond environment without excessive algae formation.

  • Prevents green turbidity caused by floating algae
  • Maintains the natural balance of your pond ecosystem
  • Assists in achieving healthy water quality for the development of Koi and plants

Ease of Maintenance

The UV-C T5 lamp is easy to install and replace, making pond maintenance as efficient as possible. The lamp features a light blue base that fits precisely into the Aquaforte Stainless Steel Power UVC Unit.

  • Long lifespan but annual replacement recommended for best results
  • Specifically designed for quick and easy installation
  • The lamp protrudes 0.7cm, which aids in easy and quick placement

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