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  • Combats skin/gill worms
  • Safe for filter systems
  • Feed during treatment

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Product number: 31099199
Manufacturer: Fish Pharma
EAN: 8718247210077
Product: Fish Pharma Triclam: Koi Pond Protection Against Parasites - Filter Safe
Short description Fish Pharma Triclam: Effective Koi Pond Parasite Control - Safe for Filter Systems
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Product information "Triclam"

Reject Parasites with Fish Pharma Triclam

Provide your koi pond with the utmost care and effectively protect your fish from skin and gill worms with Fish Pharma Triclam.

In-Depth Product Details

  • Brand: Fish Pharma
  • Product: Triclam
  • Active Ingredient: Triclabendazole

Why Fish Pharma Triclam is Essential

Triclam is your trustworthy choice for a healthy koi pond, due to its potent formula that is also safe for your filter system.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Specialist

  • Question: Is Fish Pharma Triclam safe for my filter system?
  • Answer: Absolutely, Triclam has been formulated with the safety of your filter system in mind.
  • Question: Can I feed my fish during the treatment?
  • Answer: Yes, feeding your fish can continue normally during the treatment with Triclam.

Brief and to the Point: Fish Pharma Triclam

Ensures effective parasite control, with respect for the biofilter and without disrupting your koi's feeding regime.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Specialist

  • + Strong effect against parasites
  • + Safe for use with filters
  • + Feeding remains possible
  • - Not suitable for certain fish species such as catfish

Turn Your Pond into a Healthy Home for Your Koi

Opt for Fish Pharma Triclam and maintain a clear and healthy pond. Protect your koi from parasites with a product that both you and your fish deserve.


Fish Pharma Triclam: Key Features and Benefits

If you are seeking effective protection for your koi pond against harmful parasites, Fish Pharma Triclam offers a meticulous solution that is powerful against skin and gill flukes, while remaining safe for your filter system.

Wide Range of Applications

Fish Pharma Triclam is utilized for the health and protection of koi in both ornamental garden ponds and large breeding ponds. Triclabendazole, the active ingredient, offers targeted action against parasites without disturbing the delicate balance of your pond.

Combating Skin and Gill Flukes

Triclam is your first line of defense in addressing parasitic infections that can threaten the health and well-being of your koi. The formula is specifically designed to provide pond owners with peace of mind through the control of these common parasites.

  • Direct attack on the life cycle of skin and gill flukes.
  • Prevents spreading and further infection among healthy fish.
  • Flushes out unwanted parasites without harming the ecosystem.

Safe for Filter Systems

With Fish Pharma Triclam, you won't have to worry about its impact on your biofilter. It is compatible with most filter systems and maintains the essential bacterial balance necessary for a healthy pond environment.

  • Maintenance of a healthy biofilter during parasite treatment.
  • No disruption of bacterial colonies essential for nitrification.
  • Facilitates a quick return to normal pond conditions after treatment.

Uninterrupted Feeding Regimen

During the treatment period with Triclam, you do not have to let your koi fall out of their routine. This product allows you to continue feeding as usual, which contributes to a stress-free treatment for your fish.

  • No need to interrupt feeding your koi.
  • Supports consistent growth and health of your fish.
  • Helps reduce fish stress throughout the treatment.

Preventive Health Care

Prevention is just as important as treatment. Use Fish Pharma Triclam as part of your regular pond maintenance schedule to stay ahead of parasitic problems.

  • A proactive approach for the long-term health of your koi.
  • Reduces the need for frequent and costly treatments.
  • Maintains a strong and resilient koi population.

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