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Swimming pool & pond Heating 2kW / 10,000L

874 Extra A2-Bonuspunten
  • 2kW Optimal Heating
  • 316 Stainless Steel Durability
  • Adjustable 40ºC Thermostat

Available in 7 days, delivery time Delivery by PostNL (no delivery on Sundays)


Available in 7 days, delivery time Delivery by PostNL (no delivery on Sundays)

Product number: 8719992619689
Manufacturer: Pond Pro Premium
Product: Pond Pro Premium Pool & Pond Heater 2kW for up to 10,000L - 316 Stainless Steel with Adjustable Thermostat
Short description Pond Pro Premium Pool & Pond Heater 2kW, Suitable for up to 10,000L - 316 Stainless Steel With Thermostat
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Product information "Swimming pool & pond Heating 2kW / 10,000L"

Enjoy a Warm Dip with the Pond Pro Premium Heater


Pond Pro Premium Pool & Pond Heater 2kW / 10,000L

provides the ultimate experience for every pond and pool owner. Experience comfort and convenience with our robust, stainless steel 2kW heating system.

Product Details

  • Capacity:

    2kW power for optimal water heating
  • Compatibility:

    Suitable for both pools and ponds
  • Volume:

    Appropriate for volumes up to 10,000 liters
  • Water Flow:

    Maximum flow of 20,000 liters per hour
  • Easy Connection:

    Comes with 2 versatile hose nozzles and PVC fittings
  • Material:

    Durable and high-quality 316 stainless steel
  • User-Friendly:

    Includes an adjustable thermostat up to 40ºC
  • Warranty:

    2 years of certainty on top performance

Key Benefits of the Pond Pro Premium Heater

Discover how the

Pond Pro Premium Pool & Pond Heater 2kW / 10,000L

enhances the quality of your swimming or pond experience:
  • Easy temperature control thanks to the user-friendly thermostat
  • Extend your swimming season with consistently heated water
  • Reliable and sturdy construction for long-term use
  • Simple installation with included accessories

Questions Answered by Our Pond Heating Specialist

  • Question:

    Is the heater easy to install by oneself?
  • Answer:

    Yes, thanks to the included manual and connection materials, you can easily install the heater yourself.
  • Question:

    Can this heater be used in any type of pond?
  • Answer:

    Absolutely, the Pond Pro Premium is designed to perform optimally in both ponds and pools.


The Pond Pro Premium is your solution for a heated pool or pond. Enjoy your outdoor water longer with this reliable and efficient heater.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Heating Specialist

  • +

    Versatile for both ponds and pools
  • +

    Energy-efficient design
  • +

    Strong and corrosion-resistant material
  • +

    Includes warranty for peace of mind
  • -

    Requires basic installation knowledge
  • -

    Performance dependent on environmental factors

Make the Move to Comfortable Water Fun Today

Put your pool or pond in the spotlight with the Pond Pro Premium Heater. Order now and transform your outdoor water experience.

Properties "Swimming pool & pond Heating 2kW / 10,000L"
A2 Bonus Factor: 4x Bonus points
Application: Pond, Pool
Display: Analog
Dry-running protection: No
Equipped with timer: No
Max. fish pond capacity: 5100 - 10000 Liter
Max. flow: 15000 l/h
Runs on electricity?: Ja
Thermally protected: No
Type: Electric Heating
Wattage: 2 kW

Pool & Pond Heater 2kW / 10,000L: Key Features and Benefits

The Pool & Pond Heater 2kW / 10,000L from Pond Pro Premium is the perfect solution for pond enthusiasts and Koi admirers who are looking to maintain a controlled water temperature. Ideal for those who wish to keep their aquatic life in optimal condition throughout the year.

Optimal Pond Management During Cold Seasons

As temperatures drop, the Pond Pro Premium heater can create ideal conditions to keep your fish healthy and active.

  • Stabilizes water temperatures even during the coldest months
  • Prevents pond freezing, thereby protecting fish and plants
  • Ensures consistent water quality through even temperature distribution

Extension of the Koi Breeding Season

Give your Koi additional growth and development time by extending the breeding season with the Pond Pro Premium heater.

  • Provides an extended breeding season for Koi by ensuring a stable breeding environment
  • Optimizes the health and coloration of Koi at the right water temperatures
  • Allows you to enjoy your pond beyond the standard season

Comfortable Swimming Experience in Any Season

For swimming pool owners, this heater also offers the advantage of extending the swimming season.

  • Ensures pleasantly warm water, perfect for relaxing swim sessions
  • Immediate enjoyment of your pool at the start of the season without waiting for warmer temperatures
  • Makes evening swims more enjoyable in cooler outdoor temperatures
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