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Spring autumn 3 kg

  • Seasonal nutrition
  • Stable water quality
  • No artificial additives

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Product number: SA-93
Manufacturer: ProBites
EAN: 8715837999930
Product: ProBites Spring-Autumn Koi Food - Optimal for 10-15°C Seasonal Transition 3kg.
Short description ProBites Spring-Autumn Koi Food – Wrinkle-Free for Seasonal Changes 3kg
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Product information "Spring autumn 3 kg"

Boost Your Koi's Vitality in Spring and Autumn with ProBites

Give your koi the perfect start and end to the season with the specialized nutrition of ProBites Spring-Autumn. This feed is specifically developed for the well-being of your fish during lower temperatures.

Optimal Nutrition for Seasonal Change

  • Product Name:

    ProBites Spring-Autumn
  • Brand:

  • Ideal for:

    Temperatures between 10 and 15°C
  • Features:

    Reduces waste and filter load
  • Contains:

    Fish meal, pre-digested fish protein, krill, and more
  • Benefits:

    Promotes stable water values and preparation for the growth season

The Main Advantages of ProBites Spring-Autumn

A balanced diet is crucial for the health of your pond fish during the cooler months. ProBites Spring-Autumn offers a nutritional source that is not only easily digestible but also contributes to stable water quality, essential for the delicate balance in your pond.

Questions Answered by Our Koi Nutrition Specialist

  • Question:

    When should ProBites Spring-Autumn be fed?
  • Answer: This feed is ideal at water temperatures between 10 and 15°C. Perfect for spring and autumn when the temperature drops.
  • Question:

    Are there any artificial additives in ProBites Spring-Autumn?
  • Answer: No, it does not contain dyes, fragrances, or preservatives. Your fish receive only pure nutrients.
  • Question:

    How does ProBites Spring-Autumn contribute to the health of my fish?
  • Answer: The easily digestible ingredients relieve the biological filter and contribute to stable water values, which is essential for the health of your fish.
  • Question:

    What ingredients are in ProBites Spring-Autumn?
  • Answer: A rich mix of fish meal, krill, seaweed, alginates, and other high-quality ingredients, without unnecessary fillers.

Brief Overview of ProBites Spring-Autumn

ProBites Spring-Autumn is key to healthy growth and preparation for the cold season. The easily digestible feed results in less strain on your filtration system and promotes a healthy pond environment.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Koi Nutrition Specialist

  • +

    Tailored to seasonal water temperatures
  • +

    Reduces waste and filter load
  • +

    Supports optimal water conditions
  • +

    Contains no artificial additives
  • -

    Less suitable outside the temperature range of 10-15°C

Choose ProBites Spring-Autumn

Ensure the well-being of your Koi during critical seasonal transitions. ProBites Spring-Autumn supports the health and vitality of fish in a natural and effective way. Provide your pond inhabitants with the care they deserve and choose ProBites!


Spring-Autumn 3 kg: Key Features and Benefits

As a dedicated Koi and pond enthusiast, you know the health of your fish is paramount. ProBites Spring-Autumn 3 kg ensures that this health remains optimal throughout the season. This specific pond feed is perfectly tailored for the fluctuating temperatures of spring and autumn.

Application in Spring

As spring arrives and temperatures gradually rise, supporting your Koi with nutrition that kickstarts their metabolism is crucial. ProBites Spring-Autumn is your ideal partner in this scenario.

  • Strengthens the immune system after the winter period
  • Stimulates digestion with easily digestible proteins
  • Lays the foundation for an energetic growth season

Application in Autumn

Autumn signals the end of the growing season and prepares your Koi for the upcoming cold months. ProBites Spring-Autumn offers a nutritional profile that helps your fish adjust and maintain their condition.

  • Prevents metabolic overload due to lower protein content
  • Encourages the accumulation of fat reserves for winter
  • Ensures stable water quality in preparation for winter

Feeding at Lower Temperatures

ProBites Spring-Autumn is specially developed to provide your Koi with optimal nutrients at water temperatures between 10 and 15°C. This adjusted feeding is essential for maintaining good health during the cooler periods.

  • Easily digestible, reducing the load on the filtration system
  • Supports a balanced development of the Koi before and after the summer season
  • Free from artificial additives, pure and natural ingredients

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The best koi food depends on several factors such as the age of the koi, the season and the specific needs of the fish. Quality koi food contains a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals:

  • Fall and summer: Choose protein-rich foods to support growth and color development.
  • Fall and winter: A lower protein diet is recommended, as koi's metabolism slows down at colder temperatures.
  • Special Needs: Consider feed with added vitamins and minerals for koi that need extra care.

At A2KOI we offer a wide range of top quality koi foods suitable for all seasons and specific needs of your koi. Our expert team can advise you on the best nutritional options for your specific situation.

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