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Sakan -Ni Pro - 2.5 liters

  • Strengthened immune system
  • Intense detoxification
  • Efficient blood purification

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Product number: CSnv0997
Manufacturer: Takazumi
EAN: 8717371560997
Product: Takazumi Sakan-Ni Pro 2.5L - Boost Resistance & Vitality of Pond Fishes
Short description Takazumi Sakan-Ni Pro 2.5L - Complete Pond Health Formula for Resistance & Vitality.
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Product information "Sakan -Ni Pro - 2.5 liters"

Enhance Your Pond's Health with Takazumi's Sakan-Ni Pro

Achieve optimal health in your pond with

Takazumi Sakan-Ni Pro

. This 2.5-liter formula is an all-encompassing solution for your fishes' immunity and vitality.

Comprehensive Support for Your Fish

  • Immune System:

    Actively strengthens the fishes' resistance.
  • Detoxification:

    Effectively removes toxic substances from the body.
  • Blood Purification:

    Contributes to clean blood for optimal health.
  • Liver Function:

    Supports the liver in disposing of toxic residues.
  • Mucous Membrane:

    Ensures a strengthened and healthy mucous membrane.
  • Immune Cells:

    Encourages the production of B and T lymphocytes.
  • Interferon:

    Promotes the production of this crucial protein.

Key Benefits of Sakan-Ni Pro


Sakan-Ni Pro

for a potent immunity boost and maximum health of your pond life.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Care Specialist

  • Question:

    How often should I use Sakan-Ni Pro?
  • Answer: As a preventative measure, 20ml per 1000L of pond water is recommended monthly. After medication use or when acclimatizing fish, use a one-time dose of 100ml per 1000L.
  • Question:

    Is Sakan-Ni Pro suitable for all pond fish?
  • Answer: Yes, Sakan-Ni Pro is developed for a wide range of pond fish and enhances general resistance.

Summary of the Sakan-Ni Pro Benefits

Opt for

Takazumi Sakan-Ni Pro

; the formula for a vibrant and healthy pond.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Care Specialist

  • +

    Comprehensive support package for pond fish
  • +

    Easy to use and dose
  • +

    Suitable for regular and restorative use
  • -

    Requires precise dosing for optimal results

Don't wait any longer and provide the best care for your pond with Takazumi Sakan-Ni Pro.


Sakan-Ni Pro - 2.5 Liter: Key Features and Benefits

Enhance your pond experience with Takazumi's Sakan-Ni Pro - 2.5 Liter. This advanced formula is specifically designed to elevate the health and well-being of your pond fish. It is the perfect choice for both Koi enthusiasts and ornamental pond owners aiming for optimal care of their aquatic life.

Immune System Boost

In an environment where viruses and bacteria pose a constant threat, Sakan-Ni Pro provides crucial support. Boost your fishes' resistance and create a healthy pond ecosystem.

  • Improves the natural resistance of the fish
  • Stimulates the production of immune cells
  • Promotes the production of interferon for a stronger immune system

Detoxification and Blood Purification

Toxic substances can accumulate in the pond water, affecting the health of your pond fish. Sakan-Ni Pro acts as a detoxifier, removing harmful substances and purifying the blood of your fish.

  • Assists in effectively eliminating toxins from the fish's body
  • Supports liver functions for waste removal
  • Contributes to clear and clean blood for better health

Maintenance of the Mucus Membrane

The mucus membrane plays a crucial role in protecting fish from external threats. Sakan-Ni Pro ensures that this barrier remains strong and healthy.

  • Strengthens the mucus membrane, essential for fish protection
  • Contributes to the maintenance of a healthy and intact mucus membrane

Incorporate Takazumi's Sakan-Ni Pro into your pond's maintenance routine for the sustainable health and vitality of your pond fish. With its scientifically formulated composition and proven efficacy, Sakan-Ni Pro is the top choice for any pond hobbyist who wants the best for their fish.

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