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Professional Rod Aerator 50 cm

Product information "Professional Rod Aerator 50 cm"

Breathe New Life Into Your Pond with the Professional 50 cm Aeration Rod from Pond Pro

Discover the power of effective aeration! The Professional 50 cm Aeration Rod is designed to keep your aquatic haven clear and healthy.

Product Details

  • Brand: Pond Pro
  • Type: Rubber aeration rod
  • Length: 50 cm, adjustable
  • Connection: 16mm T-piece for improved air distribution
  • Hose size: 16 x 20 mm
  • Hose tail: 16mm
  • Maximum flow: 75 liters per minute
  • Features: Stainless steel rods for stability on the pond floor

Key Benefits of the Professional 50 cm Aeration Rod

Enrich your pond with essential oxygen thanks to this professional aerator.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Accessories Specialist

  • Question: Can the length of the aerator be adjusted?
  • Answer: Yes, the 50 cm Aeration Rod can be shortened for an exact fit in any pond size.
  • Question: Is the aerator easy to install on the pond floor?
  • Answer: Absolutely, the included stainless steel rods ensure easy placement and stabilization.


The Professional 50 cm Aeration Rod from Pond Pro offers advanced aeration technology for any pond. The stainless steel stabilization rods and flexible length ensure efficient air distribution and clear water.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Accessories Specialist

  • + Easy installation and adjustable length
  • + Professional quality for optimal oxygen supply
  • + Suitable for both small and large ponds
  • - Maximum flow of 75 l/m may be limiting for very large water surfaces

Ensure a Vibrant and Healthy Pond - Order Your Professional Aeration Rod Now!


Professional Pond Aerator Rod 50 cm: Key Features and Benefits

The Professional Pond Aerator Rod 50 cm by Pond Pro is an essential tool for pond and Koi enthusiasts. This advanced accessory is specifically designed to enhance the water quality of your pond through efficient oxygen enrichment, which is critical for the health of your pond ecosystem.

Increased Oxygenation for Healthy Koi

Oxygen is vital for the well-being of Koi and other pond inhabitants. Pond Pro's Aerator Rod ensures optimal oxygenation, which is crucial for your fish's respiration and assists in the breakdown of harmful waste substances.

  • Streamlined oxygen enrichment for a vibrant and healthy Koi population
  • Improves the breakdown of waste substances, contributing to a clear pond
  • Supports aquatic life by providing a stable supply of oxygen

Ideal for Plant Growth and Algae Control

A well-aerated pond not only supports your fish but also the health of your plants. With Pond Pro's Aerator Rod, you create optimal conditions in which plants can thrive and algae growth can be controlled.

  • Promotes strong plant growth through better oxygen circulation
  • Helps to reduce algae overgrowth by maintaining a healthy pond environment
  • Ensures a natural balance, making your pond aesthetically attractive

Seasonal Use and Frost Protection

Especially in the winter months, pond aeration can play a decisive role. Pond Pro's Aerator Rod helps to keep the surface ice-free and ensures sufficient gas exchange, which can be vital during cold periods.

  • Provides oxygen supply, even with frozen pond surfaces
  • Prevents fish asphyxiation and protects the pond environment in winter
  • Aeration makes a significant contribution to a stable ecosystem throughout the year

Optimization of Water Quality

Regular aeration by the Professional Pond Aerator Rod 50 cm plays an important role in the overall water quality of your pond. It prevents stagnation and the formation of harmful gases that result from an oxygen-deficient environment.

  • Ensures a dynamic water flow and prevents stagnation and oxygen-deficient zones
  • Increases the breakdown of organic waste and reduces the formation of toxic gases
  • Helps maintain clear water, resulting in less maintenance

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