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Professional rod aerator 100 cm

Product information "Professional rod aerator 100 cm"

Breathe New Life Into Your Pond with the Professional 100 cm Rod Aerator from Pond Pro

Infuse the essence of vitality into your pond with the cutting-edge Professional Rod Aerator by Pond Pro. Designed specifically for fish farms but now available to every pond enthusiast. This aerator ensures excellent air distribution without any compromise on performance, even when shortened!

Product Details

  • Brand: Pond Pro
  • Type: Professional Rod Aerator
  • Length: 100 cm, adjustable to your needs
  • Hose Dimensions: 16 x 20 mm
  • Hose Tail: 16mm
  • Maximum Flow: 150 liters per minute
  • Special: Comes with stainless steel rods for weighted stability

Key Benefits

Optimize the oxygen levels in your pond with the Professional 100 cm Rod Aerator from Pond Pro. A powerful tool that ensures your aquatic life thrives.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Enthusiast Specialist

  • Question: Is this rod aerator easy to install?
  • Answer: Absolutely, the professional rod aerator is designed for easy installation and immediate use.
  • Question: Can the length of this aerator be adjusted?
  • Answer: Yes, the rod aerator can be shortened to perfectly fit the size of your pond without compromising its performance.


Pond Pro brings professional pond aeration within reach with this product. The rod aerator, ideal for fish breeding, is now available to every pond lover who wants to optimally support their pond life with advanced air distribution.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Enthusiast Specialist

  • + Easy to install and ready to use immediately
  • + Flexible length adjustments without sacrificing quality
  • + Weighted stability thanks to included stainless steel rods
  • - Maximum flow may require an adjustment of your current systems

Take the Step Toward Professional Pond Aeration

Enhance the quality of life for your pond inhabitants today. The Professional 100 cm Rod Aerator from Pond Pro is the key to a healthy, vibrant pond. Experience the benefits of advanced technology and order now!


Pond Pro Professional Pond Aerator Rod 100cm: Key Features and Benefits

Ensure optimal health and vitality of your pond with the Pond Pro Professional Pond Aerator Rod 100cm. Designed for demanding applications and now within reach for every pond or koi enthusiast. This aerator rod provides excellent oxygen distribution, essential for any healthy pond environment.

Fish Farms

For professional fish farms, a constant, high oxygen supply is crucial. The Pond Pro aerator delivers reliable and powerful aeration for the wellbeing of your prized fish.

  • Optimized oxygen supply for healthy fish
  • Adjustable in length for various pond sizes
  • Stainless steel rods for added stability

Koi Ponds

Koi deserve an extraordinary habitat. With the Pond Pro Professional Pond Aerator Rod, you create an oxygen-rich and vibrant pond paradise for your Koi.

  • Enhances the colors and vitality of Koi
  • Simple installation for immediate water quality improvement
  • Flexible length adjustment for perfect placement

General Pond Maintenance

Every pond owner can benefit from easily installed aeration. Provide a dynamic aquatic environment that prevents algae and stagnation with the Pond Pro aerator rod.

  • Effective dispersion of oxygen for clear water
  • High-capacity aeration for healthy water plants and fish
  • Sturdiness under all conditions thanks to stainless steel rods

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