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Morenicol Lernex Pro - 1,000 ml

144 Extra A2-Bonuspunten
  • Treats resistant worms
  • 20,000 liter dosage
  • Scientifically formulated

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Product number: 05020357
Manufacturer: Colombo
EAN: 8715897114571
Product: Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro 1000ml - Effectively Combats Pond Worms & Parasites
Short description Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro 1000ml - Effective against Pond Worms & Parasites
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Product information "Morenicol Lernex Pro - 1,000 ml"

Morenicol Lernex Pro - Your Shield Against Resistant Worms

Effectively protect your ornamental fish with Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro. Armed with the latest scientific findings and powerful ingredients, this is the answer to resistant skin and gill worms.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Colombo
  • Content: 1,000 ml
  • Range: Treats 20,000 liters of pond water
  • Application: Treatment for skin worms, gill worms, and internal worms
  • Usage Advice: Consult your pond specialist for a microscopic diagnosis
  • Formulation: Optimized version of Morenicol Lernex

Key Benefits of Morenicol Lernex Pro:

  • Lernex Pro provides a powerful solution for resistance issues.
  • Developed with advanced anti-worm agents for which no resistance is known.

Questions Answered by our Pond Care Specialist

  • Question: How do I know if my fish need to be treated with Lernex Pro?
  • Answer: Accurate diagnosis is crucial. Consult a pond specialist for microscopic examination prior to starting treatment.
  • Question: Is Lernex Pro safe for all pond inhabitants?
  • Answer: Lernex Pro is safe for ornamental fish. However, as with all medications, follow the instructions and consult an expert if in doubt.


Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro is your reliable partner in the fight against parasitic worms resistant to other treatments. With 1,000 ml treating up to 20,000 liters of pond water, you'll ensure a healthy pond environment for your ornamental fish.

The Pros and Cons according to our Pond Care Specialist

  • + Specifically developed against resistant parasites
  • + Scientifically backed formula
  • + Wide treatment spectrum; from skin to internal worms
  • - Requires microscopic diagnosis before use

Choose Reliability, Choose Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro

Act decisively against resistant pond parasites. Give your ornamental fish the protection they deserve with Morenicol Lernex Pro, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a healthy, disease-free pond. Do not hesitate, take the proactive step towards a clear pond and healthy pond life.

Properties "Morenicol Lernex Pro - 1,000 ml"
A2 Bonus Factor: 2x Bonus points
Application: Skin And Gill Worms
Content / Weight: 1 Litre
Substance: Liquid
Type of Animal: Fish
Type of product: Medication

Morenicol Lernex Pro - 1,000 ml: Key Features and Benefits

Are you struggling with parasites in your pond? Morenicol Lernex Pro - 1,000 ml from Colombo has been specifically formulated to combat resistant skin and gill worms. This product is an essential addition to the maintenance routine for every pond and Koi enthusiast, featuring a powerful formula designed to keep your aquatic inhabitants healthy.

Combatting Resistant Parasites

Worm infestations can be stubborn and seriously compromise the health of your Koi and other ornamental fish. Morenicol Lernex Pro offers a solution when conventional treatments no longer have an effect.

  • Powerful action against resistant skin and gill worms
  • No development of resistance, thanks to high-quality anthelmintics
  • Developed based on the latest scientific insights

Preventative Pond Care

Prevention is just as important as treatment. Use Morenicol Lernex Pro not only to treat existing infections but also preventively to protect your pond inhabitants.

  • Prevents the development and spread of parasitic worms
  • Maintains pond health through early intervention
  • Strengthens the long-term immunity of your pond inhabitants

Suitable for All Ornamental Fish

Morenicol Lernex Pro has been composed in such a way that it can be safely used with all types of ornamental fish in your pond, without the risk of harming their health.

  • Safe for Koi, goldfish, and other ornamental fish
  • Can be confidently added to the pond without disturbing the dwellers
  • Easy instructions for correctly dosing the treatment

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