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LightTech Replacement lamp T5 40W

105 Extra A2-Bonuspunten
  • Bright Pond Lighting
  • Easy Installation
  • Long Lifespan

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Product number: SB682
Manufacturer: LightTech
EAN: 8714404045230
Product: Lighttech T5 40W Replacement Pond Bulb - 33.4" White Light, High Intensity Output
Short description Lighttech T5 40W Replacement Bulb for Pond Lighting - White, Powerful 84.8cm Lamp
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Product information "LightTech Replacement lamp T5 40W"

Illuminate Your Pond World with Lighttech T5 40W

Discover the intensity and purity of the Lighttech replacement lamp T5 40W, the essential choice for any pond enthusiast. With its precise lighting specifications and reliable performance, this lamp is the perfect partner for a clear and healthy pond environment.

Product Details

  • Brand: Lighttech
  • Type: Replacement Lamp
  • Model: T5
  • Power: 40 Watts
  • Length: Including pins 84.8 cm
  • Color Base: White

Key Benefits of the Lighttech T5 40W

Every pond deserves the best light to highlight and support life beneath the water's surface. The Lighttech T5 40W replacement lamp provides superior brightness that brings out the natural ecosystem of your pond.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Lighting Specialist

  • Question: Is the Lighttech T5 40W compatible with all T5 fixtures?
  • Answer: Yes, this lamp is designed to fit most standard T5 fixtures, ensuring easy installation.
  • Question: How often should I replace my Lighttech lamp?
  • Answer: For optimal performance and pond health, we recommend replacing the lamp annually.


The Lighttech replacement lamp T5 40W guarantees a long lifespan, powerful light intensity, and is a dependable choice for supporting life in your pond. Its dimensions ensure hassle-free installation, keeping your pond in prime condition with minimal effort.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Lighting Specialist

  • + Perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your pond life
  • + Easy installation thanks to universal sizing
  • + Reliable performance and long lifespan
  • - Annual replacement for continuous optimal light quality

Get Your Lighttech T5 40W Now!

Enrich your pond with the brightness of Lighttech. Order the T5 40W replacement lamp today and experience the transformation in your pond tomorrow!

Properties "LightTech Replacement lamp T5 40W"
A2 Bonus Factor: 3x Bonus points
Energy consumption level: A
Parts: Aquaforte
Runs on electricity?: Ja
Type: UV-C Separate Lamp
Type of UV-C Lamp: T5 lamp white socket
Wattage: 40 watt

Lighttech T5 40W Replacement Bulb for Pond: Key Features and Benefits

Illuminate your pond and Koi hobby with the superior Lighttech T5 40W replacement bulb. Designed to enhance the brightness and beauty of your pond, this bulb aids in creating an idyllic environment for your aquatic life.

Healthy Pond Life

The Lighttech T5 40W bulb provides vibrant lighting that is crucial for the well-being of the plants and animals in your pond. Proper illumination contributes to the growth of your Koi and to a healthy ecosystem.

  • Promotes the growth of aquatic plants
  • Enhances the health and color of Koi
  • Prevents algae growth, ensuring clear water

Seasonal Transitions

As the amount of natural light changes with the seasons, the Lighttech T5 40W bulb helps maintain a constant light intensity that your pond life needs to prosper.

  • Provides a stable lighting environment
  • Helps pond inhabitants adjust during the fall and winter
  • Essential for consistent growth throughout the year

Pond Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, the Lighttech T5 40W bulb also offers aesthetic benefits by enhancing the natural colors of your pond, turning it into a visual spectacle after sunset.

  • Highlights the colors of fish and plants
  • Adds a decorative dimension to your pond
  • Creates an atmospheric look in the evening

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