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LED-12-3 (03) Pond lighting

  • Compact & Energy-Efficient
  • Easy Installation
  • Automatic Operation

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Product number: L1010004
Manufacturer: AquaKing
EAN: 8718754041607
Product: Aquaking LED-12-3 Pond Lighting Set - 3 Energy-Efficient Lamps with Light Sensor and Compact Design.
Short description Aquaking LED-12-3 (03) Pond Lighting Set - Energy-Efficient, Light Sensor, Compact Design - 3 Lights
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Product information "LED-12-3 (03) Pond lighting"

Discover the Magic of Water with Aquaking LED-12-3 (03) Pond Lighting

Let your garden shine with the enchanting glow of Aquaking's LED-12-3 (03) pond lighting. This value pack includes three LED spotlights connected by a single cable for easy installation and a brilliantly lit pond both above and below the water.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: Compact design with dimensions of 57.4 x 70.3 x 53.4 mm
  • Power: Economical power consumption at 4.5 watts per lamp
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty for a worry-free experience
  • Extras: Includes a light-sensitive sensor for automatic on and off switching

Key Benefits of Aquaking LED-12-3 (03) Pond Lighting

Create a fairy-tale atmosphere in your outdoor space and enjoy long-lasting reliability.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Lighting Specialist

  • Question: Is this lighting set suitable for underwater use?
  • Answer: Yes, the Aquaking LED-12-3 (03) lighting is specially designed for both above and below water use.
  • Question: What is the length of the cable between the lights?
  • Answer: The lights are designed to be interconnected using a cable, ensuring optimal distribution and flexibility during installation.


The Aquaking LED-12-3 (03) pond lighting is a practical and stylish choice that combines functionality with aesthetics for any pond enthusiast.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Lighting Specialist

  • + Complete set with three lamps connected by a single cable
  • + Light-sensitive sensor for automatic operation
  • + Energy-efficient LED technology
  • - A fixed cable between lamps may limit placement options

Choose Aquaking LED-12-3 (03) and Illuminate Your Pond Like Never Before!

Transform your outdoor space with a bright, energy-efficient glow. This smart investment not only enhances the ambiance but is also sustainable and user-friendly. Order now and let Aquaking's pond lighting bring your garden to life.

Properties "LED-12-3 (03) Pond lighting"
Wattage: 4,5 Watt

Aquaking LED-12-3 Pond Lighting Set: Key Features and Benefits

Enhance your pond experience with the Aquaking LED-12-3 Pond Lighting Set, the perfect choice for any pond or Koi enthusiast. This set not only highlights the natural beauty of your pond but also provides safe path guidance and ambient lighting after sunset. Suitable for both underwater and above-water installation, it amplifies the aesthetic appeal of your water garden and presents a picturesque scene for family and friends.

Aesthetic Pond Illumination

The Aquaking LED-12-3 (03) set ensures a charming ambience of your pond. The light reflecting off the water creates a soothing effect that is ideal for evening relaxation.

  • Enhances visual appeal of the water surface
  • Creates an enchanting evening atmosphere for gatherings
  • Soft lighting draws attention to water features

Safety Around the Pond

Pond lighting increases safety by marking pathways and edges, reducing the risk of accidents in the dark. Aquaking LED-12-3 is a responsible choice for parents and pet owners.

  • Clear marking of pond boundaries
  • Prevents tripping in the dark
  • Illuminates walkways and access areas

Highlighting Koi and Plants

Mystical shadows and hues reveal the vibrant colors and movements of your Koi, while accentuating the delicate plant life. The light sensor automatically switches on the lighting at dusk, bringing your pond to life.

  • Enhances the colorful Koi for evening viewing
  • Provides a dramatic effect for a waterfall or fountain
  • Striking nighttime display of the landscape

Efficiency and Durability

Thanks to energy-efficient LED technology, this lighting system is both cost-saving and eco-friendly. The long lifespan and reliability of LED bulbs ensure carefree enjoyment of your pond lighting.

  • Low energy costs due to efficient lighting
  • Long life span, minimal replacement frequency
  • Low maintenance required

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