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Gel 2.5 ltr

Product information "Gel 2.5 ltr"

Discover the Power of Bactoplus Gel for a Healthy Pond

Introducing Bactoplus Gel 2.5 Ltr, your ally for a crystal-clear and biologically stable pond. This concentrated gel ensures a rapid colonization of essential bacteria in your pond filter, leading to an improved water quality and a healthier pond environment.

Product Details

  • Brand: Bactoplus
  • Volume: 2.5 liters
  • Bacterial Concentration: Over 800 million bacteria per milliliter
  • Application: Suitable for 25,000 liters of pond water
  • Usage Occasions: At startup, after maintenance, with water quality issues

Key Benefits of Bactoplus Gel

Bactoplus Gel 2.5 Ltr ensures an optimal balance in your pond. With its high bacterial density, this gel ensures a quick and effective establishment of the bacterial flora in your filter. Experience the exquisite quality of Bactoplus for a clear and healthy pond environment.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Expert

  • Question: Is Bactoplus Gel suitable for new ponds?
  • Answer: Absolutely, Bactoplus Gel is ideal for starting a new pond and provides the essential bacteria needed for a healthy aquatic environment.
  • Question: Can I use Bactoplus Gel after cleaning my filter?
  • Answer: Certainly, after cleaning your filter, Bactoplus Gel helps to quickly re-establish the bacterial colony, which is crucial for water quality.


Bactoplus Gel 2.5 Ltr is a professional choice for maintaining your pond. The gel formula ensures quick activation of beneficial bacteria in the filter, essential for a healthy and clear pond environment.

Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Expert

  • + High concentration of beneficial bacteria
  • + Suitable for both starting and maintaining the pond
  • + Easy application to filter media
  • + Improvement of water quality and clarity
  • - Regular application necessary for optimal results

Make the Move to a Clear and Vibrant Pond Life Today

Rely on the proven effectiveness of Bactoplus Gel 2.5 Ltr to keep your pond in prime condition. Purchase it today and witness the difference in your pond. Natural balance is just a gel away!


Gel 2.5 Ltr: Key Features and Benefits

Bactoplus Filter Start GEL is an essential support product for every pond and Koi enthusiast. Whether you are setting up a new pond, performing maintenance on an existing one, or looking to improve the quality of your pond water, this active bacterial formula provides immediate support for your aquatic ecosystem.

Optimal Start for New Ponds

When setting up a new pond, a healthy beginning is crucial. Bactoplus Filter Start GEL ensures your pond gets off to a flying start with a concentrated dose of beneficial bacteria.

  • Rapid development of the biological filter.
  • Improved water quality from day one.
  • Lays the optimal foundation for healthy pond life.

Recovery and Balance After Maintenance

Following maintenance activities, the balance in your pond may be disturbed. The GEL aids in restoring this balance and brings your water quality back to optimal conditions.

  • Quickly restores balance in the bacterial flora.
  • Decreases the likelihood of algae by reducing nutrients.
  • Improves water clarity after maintenance.

Combatting Water Problems

If you are faced with turbidity or other qualitative water issues, Bactoplus Filter Start GEL provides a potent solution.

  • Effective approach for clear and healthy pond water.
  • Encourages the breakdown of organic waste.
  • Supports a strong and resilient ecosystem for your Koi and other pond inhabitants.

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