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Food - Koifur - 10kg

  • Immune system boosting
  • Colorful pond experience
  • Maintaining clear water

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Product number: 5425035780041
Manufacturer: Malamix
EAN: 5425035780041
Product: Malamix Food Premium Koi Feed 10kg - Immune Boost & Color Enhancer, Incl. Spirulina
Short description Malamix Food Premium Koi Feed 10kg - Immune Boost & Color Enhancing
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Product information "Food - Koifur - 10kg"

A Radiant Pond with Malamix Food - Koi Feed

Discover the healthy transformation of your koi with Malamix Food. This specially formulated 10kg koi feed is the key to an immunity-boosting, colorful pond experience.

Product Details of Malamix Koi Feed

  • Brand: Malamix
  • Content: 10kg premium koi feed
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Inulin, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Garlic Powder
  • Nutritional Benefits: Supports the immune system, promotes healthy growth, enhances vibrant colors
  • Pond Benefit: High digestibility ensures clear water

The Main Advantages of Malamix Food

  • Specific support for a strong koi immune system
  • Enhances brilliant color contrasts and shiny scales
  • Helps reduce water pollution

Questions Answered by Our Koi Specialist

  • Question: Is Malamix Food suitable for use in all seasons?

    Answer: Absolutely, Malamix Food is perfect for year-round use, with recommendations to adjust feeding frequency and amount based on seasonal water temperatures.

  • Question: How does Malamix Food help enhance the color of my koi?

    Answer: The thoughtful composition with natural color enhancers such as Spirulina and Astaxanthin, combined with vitamin C, boosts intense red hues without compromising the purity of the white color.

Summary of the Power of Malamix Koi Feed

Malamix Food offers more than just sustenance: it's an essential step towards optimal health and unrivaled beauty of your koi. Experience the impact of carefully chosen ingredients and opt for a balanced pond with Malamix.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Koi Specialist

  • + Promotes a strong immune system
  • + Supports color intensity and vibrancy
  • + Contributes to water quality
  • - Possibly less suitable for koi with unique dietary needs

Give your koi a health and beauty boost. Go for Malamix Food and trust its well-considered composition to benefit your fish and pond.


Food - Koi Food - 10kg: Key Features and Benefits

Optimize the health and beauty of your koi with Malamix Food. This 10kg premium koi feed is formulated for the well-being of your koi, with a formula that ensures a strong immune system and vibrant colors. Ideal for the dedicated pond and Koi enthusiast who wants the best for their pond animals.

Year-Round Nutrition

Malamix Food is suitable for feeding throughout the year, tailored to the seasonal nutritional needs of your koi. It provides a steady supply of essential nutrients, regardless of water temperature.

  • Stabilizes the immune system throughout all seasons
  • Offers adjusted nutrition tailored to summer and winter temperature fluctuations

Intense Color Enhancement

With natural ingredients such as Spirulina and Astaxanthin, Malamix Food enriches the color of your koi. It enhances the reds and supports the visual contrast of your pond inhabitants.

  • Promotes the development of vivid, natural colors
  • Keeps the white parts of the koi pure and sharp

Water Quality Management

The high digestibility of Malamix Food minimizes waste products and helps maintain a clear pond. This is essential for a healthy ecosystem and for the well-being of your koi.

  • Prevents excessive food remnants and reduces water pollution
  • Contains ingredients that are safe for your pond filter and ecology

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12 February 2024 19:28


Prima koivoer voor een mooie prijs.

26 December 2023 10:51


Top product en als altijd hele snelle levering

27 December 2023 14:58


Goed all seasons voer.

30 January 2024 07:47


De beste voeding voor mijn koi's

29 December 2023 11:45


Gebruik het al jaren en vissen zijn gezond.

28 January 2024 20:18


Kwaliteit verzekerd

4 March 2024 21:47


Is het beste dat ik al heb gehad

10 April 2024 13:15


Perfecte voer voor de kois voor het gehele jaar

The best koi food depends on several factors such as the age of the koi, the season and the specific needs of the fish. Quality koi food contains a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals:

  • Fall and summer: Choose protein-rich foods to support growth and color development.
  • Fall and winter: A lower protein diet is recommended, as koi's metabolism slows down at colder temperatures.
  • Special Needs: Consider feed with added vitamins and minerals for koi that need extra care.

At A2KOI we offer a wide range of top quality koi foods suitable for all seasons and specific needs of your koi. Our expert team can advise you on the best nutritional options for your specific situation.

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