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Fish Protect - 1,000 ml

Product information "Fish Protect - 1,000 ml"

Discover the Power of a Healthy Pond Environment with Fish Protect

Provide your pond fish with the ultimate protection with Colombo Fish Protect. This innovative formula has been specially developed to protect your fish and to support them through any challenges caused by water quality. Whether you are setting up a new pond, have changed the water, are importing fish, or recovering from medical treatment - Fish Protect offers the care your pond needs.

Product Details

  • Content: 1,000 ml
  • Treatment Capacity: Sufficient for 20,000 liters of pond water
  • Formulation: Contains colloids and vitamins
  • Application: New ponds, after water change, during fish import, after medical treatments
  • Efficacy: Stimulates the mucous membrane and binds toxic substances
  • Water Quality: Contributes to improved clarity of pond water

Key Benefits of Fish Protect

Fish Protect is an essential addition for every pond enthusiast who prioritizes the well-being of their fish. The effective formula will ensure your pond thrives in a healthier and clearer environment.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Water Specialist

  • Question: Is Fish Protect suitable for all types of ponds?
  • Answer: Yes, Fish Protect is designed for a variety of pond conditions and is thus suitable for any type of pond.
  • Question: How often should I use Fish Protect?
  • Answer: Using Fish Protect is recommended when setting up new ponds, after major water changes, when importing new fish, and after medical treatment.


Colombo Fish Protect offers reinforcement for your fish's mucous membrane while simultaneously purifying the pond water and significantly improving water quality. This careful balance of protection and maintenance is precisely what your pond needs for a thriving underwater world.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Water Specialist

  • + Easy to dose and apply
  • + Suitable for a wide variety of pond contexts
  • + Promotes a healthy mucous membrane, which is essential for fish health
  • + Improves the clarity and quality of the pond water
  • - Regular application is necessary for optimal results

A More Vital Pond Starts Here - Choose Colombo Fish Protect!

Take the step towards a healthy and clear pond environment, where your fish can swim in excellent condition. With Fish Protect, you can ensure the best care for your pond life. Don’t wait any longer, invest today in a healthier pond ecosystem!

Properties "Fish Protect - 1,000 ml"
Application: Drug Residue Neutralization, Maintenance, Startup
Type: Liquid
Type of Animal: Fish
Type of product: Medication, Water conditioner

Colombo Fish Protect 1000ml: Key Features and Benefits

Experience optimal protection for your pond fish with Colombo Fish Protect, an essential addition for any koi or pond enthusiast prioritizing the well-being of their fish. The formula is specifically designed to enhance the health and clarity of your pond water, offering protection across various pond conditions.

Pond Construction and Maintenance

When constructing a new pond or maintaining your existing pond biome, Fish Protect is the ideal choice to immediately establish a healthy foundation for your underwater world. It promotes a healthy mucous layer and optimizes the living environment for your koi and pond fish.

  • Creates a safe environment for new fish
  • Supports a healthy mucous layer, crucial for fish health
  • Contributes to clear and clean pond water

After Water Change

Fish Protect is indispensable after changing pond water. It quickly stabilizes water quality and ensures that fish experience as little stress as possible, allowing them to remain comfortable in their habitat.

  • Quick stabilization of water quality after change
  • Minimizes stress in fish
  • Ensures clarity and health of pond water

Introduction of New Fish

When introducing new fish into your pond, it is important to reduce the risk of diseases and make the transition smooth. Fish Protect helps new fish to quickly adapt to their new environment while minimizing the chance of diseases.

  • Encourages quick adaptation of new fish
  • Reduces the chances of diseases during the acclimatization period
  • Strengthens the natural resistance of the fish

After Medical Treatments

Are your fish recovering from a medical treatment? Adding Fish Protect to your pond water provides a supportive environment that accelerates the recovery of the fish and helps them regain their natural resistance.

  • Accelerates the recovery process after treatment
  • Supports the natural resistance of fish
  • Ensures optimal water conditions for healing

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