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Esco Vijverzout 10 liters (= 10 kg)

  • Improves fish welfare
  • Combats algae/parasites
  • Preventative healthcare

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Product number: SC866
Manufacturer: ESCO
EAN: 8717605085173
Product: Esco Pond Salt 10L - Boost Fish Health, Combat Parasites & Algae, Prevent Stress
Short description Esco Pond Salt 10L - Health-Boosting Salt for Ponds, Against Parasites & Algae
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Product information "Esco Vijverzout 10 liters (= 10 kg)"

ESCO Pond Salt 10 Liters - Essential for a Healthy Pond

ESCO Pond Salt provides specialized care for your pond, ideal for boosting the health of your fish, particularly during stressful situations and parasitic challenges.

Details and Specifications

  • Product Name:

    ESCO Pond Salt
  • Content:

    10 Liters (10kg)
  • Brand:

  • Application:

    Treatment for parasites, stress relief, algae control
  • Usage:

    Ideal for new additions to the pond
  • Prevention:

    Prevents dropsy and nitrite poisoning

The Benefits of ESCO Pond Salt in Your Pond

  • Promotes a healthy mucus layer on the fish
  • Increases osmotic pressure to reduce stress in fish
  • Effective in combating parasites and fungus
  • Supports rapid recovery of fish
  • Protection against freezing during winter

Questions Answered by Our Pond Care Specialist

  • Question:

    How do I apply ESCO Pond Salt?
  • Answer: Dissolve 500 grams per 1000 liters of pond water for optimal performance.
  • Question:

    Are there any limitations to using ESCO Pond Salt?
  • Answer: The product should not be combined with certain chemicals such as formaldehyde or potassium permanganate. Remove all filter materials like zeolite before adding the salt.

Brief Summary

ESCO Pond Salt is a crucial component for the overall health of your pond ecosystem. It provides a natural protective barrier for fish while also offering a solution against algae and parasites.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Care Specialist

  • +

    Strengthens the immune system of the fish
  • +

    Supports fish health during critical moments
  • +

    Easy to use and effective
  • +/-

    Care needed when combining with other substances

Invest in the well-being of your pond inhabitants with ESCO Pond Salt. Order now and experience the beneficial effects for your pond.


ESCO Pond Salt 10 Liters: Key Features and Benefits

ESCO Pond Salt is the cornerstone of a healthy and stable pond environment, indispensable for every pond and Koi enthusiast. This special salt aids in creating optimal conditions for your pond inhabitants.

Treatment for Stressful Situations

When your pond fauna is experiencing stress, for instance due to changes in their habitat, ESCO Pond Salt provides relief. It promotes a healthy mucus layer and stabilizes the pond environment.

  • Encourages recovery and strengthens the fish’s natural mucus layer
  • Alleviates fish stress by improving water quality
  • Essential when introducing new fish into the pond

Combating Parasites and Diseases

In the battle against pond parasites, a robust defense is crucial. ESCO Pond Salt is effective against many common parasites and fungi that threaten fish.

  • Offers effective protection against a wide range of parasites
  • Supports the fish immune system against pathogens
  • Prevents dropsy and other related ailments

Maintaining the Pond During Winter Conditions

ESCO Pond Salt is also a vital product during the colder months of the year. It aids in preventing freezing and maintains a healthy environment for your Koi and other pond inhabitants.

  • Protects your pond from extreme cold
  • Ensures consistency in water quality, even in winter conditions
  • Offers extra protection for your pond fauna from stress caused by cold

Algae Control

Algae can adversely affect the health of your pond. By adding ESCO Pond Salt to the pond water, you create an environment that is unfavorable for algae growth and promotes a clear pond.

  • Helps prevent and combat excess algae
  • Contributes to clear water, thereby improving fish visibility
  • Supports a natural balance in the pond without aggressive chemicals

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