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Digital pond thermometer / swimming pool thermometer + measurement there -5ºC - + 70ºC

  • Precise Temperature Measurement
  • Clearly Readable Display
  • Easy Installation

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Product number: SC553
Manufacturer: Aquaforte
EAN: 8717605074627
Product: AquaForte Digital Thermometer for Ponds & Pools with Large Display -5ºC to +70ºC
Short description AquaForte Digital Pond and Pool Thermometer with Probe - Range -5ºC to +70ºC
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Product information "Digital pond thermometer / swimming pool thermometer + measurement there -5ºC - + 70ºC"

Measure Precisely: Aquaforte Digital Thermometer for Ponds & Swimming Pools

Optimize your pond or pool experience with the precision of the Aquaforte Digital Thermometer. Equipped with a sensitive probe, this thermometer with a range of -5ºC to +70ºC always provides accurate information.

Product Details

  • Measurement Range: from -5ºC to +70ºC, suitable for all seasons
  • Large Display: for a clear and easily readable temperature display
  • Compact Size: convenient and easy to place anywhere
  • Installation: simple attachment for immediate use
  • Price: competitively priced for superior value
  • Water Resistance: a splash-proof display for added durability

Key Advantages of the Aquaforte Digital Thermometer

  • Real-time insight into water temperature for optimal swimming and pond enjoyment
  • A reliable companion for pond enthusiasts and pool owners throughout all seasons

Questions Answered by Our Pond and Pool Specialist

  • Question: Can this thermometer remain in the water continuously?
  • Answer: Yes, the thermometer can remain in the water continuously, provided the display unit stays dry.
  • Question: How accurate is the thermometer?
  • Answer: The Aquaforte Thermometer provides precise measurements to perfectly manage your water conditions.


The Aquaforte Digital Thermometer with probe is your reliable partner for maintaining ideal water conditions in both swimming pools and ponds, all year round.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond and Pool Specialist

  • + Wide measurement range for versatile use
  • + Easy-to-read display for convenience
  • + Easy installation for immediate operation
  • + Attractively priced for optimal quality and functionality
  • - The display is only splash-proof, so care is needed during installation

Always stay up-to-date with the precise water temperature of your pond or pool. The Aquaforte Digital Thermometer is a must-have for any water enthusiast striving for perfection. Take the step towards worry-free water management and order today!


AquaForte Digital Thermometer for Ponds & Swimming Pools with Large Display -5ºC to +70ºC: Key Features and Benefits

The AquaForte Digital Thermometer is designed to provide pond enthusiasts and Koi lovers with a constant and accurate reading of water temperature. Suitable for the tranquil waters of a Koi pond as well as the active environment of a swimming pool, this thermometer ensures that your aquatic life thrives in optimal conditions, no matter the season.

Regulation of Koi Pond Temperature

For Koi enthusiasts, monitoring the pond temperature is crucial, as the health and growth of Koi are directly affected by water temperature. The AquaForte Thermometer offers a solution for this.

  • Maintains ideal growth conditions for Koi through continuous temperature monitoring.
  • Assists in planning feeding times and amounts based on water temperature.
  • Promptly signals any temperature change that could indicate potential problems in the pond ecosystem.

Temperature Management for Swimming Pools

Swimming pool owners can easily ensure a pleasant swimming temperature with this large display thermometer. This keeps the swimming water consistently inviting and comfortable.

  • Provides immediate insight into temperature fluctuations, allowing you to heat or cool the water in a timely manner.
  • Ensures safety by preventing the water from becoming too cold, which could pose risks to swimmers.

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