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Checker photometer for nitrite LR, 0 to 200 µg/l with starter kit reagents and 2 cuvettes

  • Innovative Water Metering
  • Instantly Readable LCD
  • Compact and Portable

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Product number: HI764
Manufacturer: Hanna
Product: Hanna Checker Photometer Nitrite LR 0-200 µg/l - Water Quality Test Kit with Starter Pack & 2 Cuvettes
Short description Hanna Checker Photometer Nitrite LR - 0-200 µg/l with Starter Kit & 2 Cuvettes
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Product information "Checker photometer for nitrite LR, 0 to 200 µg/l with starter kit reagents and 2 cuvettes"

Revolutionary Water Quality Measurement with the Hanna Checker Photometer

Maintain perfect water quality for your pond or aquarium with the innovative, user-friendly Hanna Checker photometer for nitrite LR. Turn water maintenance into a quick and accurate task!

Product Details

  • Brand: Hanna
  • Measurement Range: 0 to 200 µg/l
  • Accuracy: Refined measurements for nitrite
  • Included: Starter kit reagents and 2 cuvettes
  • Usability: Simple operation with a single button
  • Portability: Compact size suitable for any location
  • Display: Large LCD for effortless reading
  • Efficiency: Automatic shutoff to optimize battery life
  • Power Source: Operates with a single AAA battery

Key Benefits

Maximize aquatic health with the Hanna Checker photometer. Reliable, precise results within reach for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Questions Answered by Our Water Quality Specialist

  • Question: How user-friendly is the Hanna Checker photometer?
  • Answer: This instrument is designed for ease – with just one button and a clear display, you can quickly obtain reliable results.
  • Question: Is the device suitable for outdoor use?
  • Answer: Absolutely, its sturdy, palm-sized design makes it a perfect companion for field work and outdoor measurements.


Hanna's Checker photometer is the expert's choice in monitoring nitrite levels, crucial for maintaining safe water for fish and plants. With the starter kit reagents and cuvettes, you're on your way to a healthier aquatic environment.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Water Quality Specialist

  • + Extremely precise nitrite measurements
  • + Ready to use with reagents and cuvettes
  • + Easy one-button operation
  • + Ideal for travel due to compact design
  • + Energy-saving with an automatic shutoff feature
  • - Limited to a single range of nitrite measurement
  • - Operates with a AAA battery that needs to be replaced

Convincing Conclusion

Aquarium and pond enthusiasts, discover now the innovation and certainty that comes with the Hanna Checker photometer for nitrite LR. Choose accuracy and convenience; measure water quality with confidence!


Hanna Checker Photometer Nitrite LR 0-200 µg/l: Key Features and Benefits

Experience refined precision in water quality testing with the Hanna Checker Photometer Nitrite LR, designed specifically for pond and Koi enthusiasts. This essential tool ensures meticulous monitoring of nitrite levels, crucial for the health of your fish and the flourishing of plants.

Continuous Monitoring of Pond Quality

Active pond hobbyists understand the importance of water parameter balance. With the Hanna Checker, accurate monitoring of harmful substances like nitrite is easily achievable, maintaining a healthy environment for Koi and other pond inhabitants.

  • Immediate feedback on water status
  • Portable design enables on-site testing
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen supports clear analysis

Preventive Maintenance for Aquarium Owners

Preventive maintenance is crucial for the optimum health of an aquarium. The Hanna Checker photometer simplifies this routine with quick and reliable readings, allowing you to spot potential problems early and address them.

  • Protects aquatic life from nitrite toxicity
  • Assists in maintaining stable water quality
  • The starter kit enables quick setup

Health and Growth of Water Plants

Water plants play a critical role in the ecosystem of both ponds and aquariums. By regularly measuring nitrite levels with the Hanna Checker Photometer, you create the necessary conditions for the health and growth of these plants.

  • Provides insight into the essential nutrient balance
  • Contributes to lush plant growth
  • Fine control over nitrite helps prevent algae blooms

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