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Aquamax Eco Classic 5500

Product information "Aquamax Eco Classic 5500"

Discover the Power of the AquaMax Eco Classic 5500

Experience the ultimate balance between efficiency and reliability for your pond: meet the

AquaMax Eco Classic 5500



. This pond pump is the perfect partner for a healthy aquatic environment, featuring advanced capabilities and sturdy construction.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity:

    5.3 m³ per hour
  • Delivery head:

    Maximum of 2.8 meters
  • Power consumption:

    60 watts
  • Solid pass-through:

    Up to 8 mm
  • Filter surface:

    810 cm²
  • Protection:

    Equipped against dry running
  • Adjustability:

    Not adjustable
  • Frost protection:

    Not present

Key Benefits of the AquaMax Eco Classic 5500

  • Ensures a clear pond through optimal water circulation
  • Simple installation possible outside of the pond
  • Built-in protection against dry running and blocking
  • Ideal for pond filters, waterfalls, and streams, including natural swimming ponds

Questions Answered by Our Pond Specialist

  • Question:

    Is the AquaMax Eco Classic 5500 suitable for ponds with live fish?
  • Answer: Absolutely, this pump circulates and filters water which is essential for healthy fish.
  • Question:

    How do I maintain this pond pump?
  • Answer: Regular cleaning of the filter and checking for blockages will ensure a long lifespan.

Key Points of the AquaMax Eco Classic 5500

The AquaMax Eco Classic 5500 guarantees efficient water circulation, easy maintenance, and is a sustainable choice for your pond.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Specialist

  • +

    Advanced "Environmental Function Control"
  • +

    Transports dirt particles up to 8 mm
  • +

    Suitable for various types of ponds, including natural swimming ponds
  • -

    Not adjustable in capacity
  • -

    No built-in frost protection

Make the Choice for a Crystal-Clear Pond Today

Let the

AquaMax Eco Classic 5500

transform your pond. Not only do you improve the habitat for flora and fauna, but you also ensure years of clear water and enjoyment of your pond. Order now and experience the difference in quality with


Properties "Aquamax Eco Classic 5500"
Wattage: 60 watt

AquaMax Eco Classic 5500: Key Features and Benefits

The AquaMax Eco Classic 5500 is an essential component for anyone seeking to ensure a healthy ecosystem in their pond or Koi pond. With its powerful performance and robust construction, this pond pump is a valuable addition for maintaining clear and clean water that your fish and plants can thrive in.

Application in Koi Ponds

Specifically designed for the sophisticated requirements of Koi ponds, the AquaMax Eco Classic 5500 ensures the essential circulation and filtration of the water, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy habitat for your Koi.

  • Provides rich oxygen circulation, vital for Koi health.
  • Efficient filtration helps in removing harmful waste products.
  • Simple installation and maintenance support overall water quality control.

Creation of Waterfalls and Streams

The AquaMax Eco Classic 5500 is also perfectly suitable for creating natural waterfalls and streams, which offer not only a visual spectacle but also contribute to the oxygen enrichment of the pond water.

  • Supports the creation of dynamic water features that add harmony to your pond landscape.
  • Encourages oxygen circulation, which helps prevent stagnation and algae growth.
  • Robust performance ensures a consistent flow for impressive water effects.

Support for Pond Ecosystems

Beyond aesthetic enhancement, the AquaMax Eco Classic 5500 plays a pivotal role in supporting the entire ecosystem of your pond by ensuring steady water movement and filtration.

  • Suitable for the circulation of large volumes of water, essential for healthy plants and animals.
  • Helps in preventing the buildup of harmful waste and ensures clear water quality.
  • Durable design ensures reliable operation year after year.

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Choosing the right pond pump is crucial to the health and beauty of your pond. The choice depends on several factors:

  • Size your pond: Calculate the total volume of your pond. A general rule is that the pump should be able to circulate the entire pond volume every two hours.
  • Type of pond: Do you have a pond with many fish or plants, or an ornamental pond? This affects the required capacity of the pump.
  • Extra elements: Do you want a fountain, waterfall or other water ornament? These often require a higher capacity pump.

At A2KOI we offer a wide range of pond pumps suitable for different types and sizes of ponds. We are happy to advise you personally so that you can find the perfect pump for your pond. Please contact us or visit our store for professional advice.

The life of a pond pump can vary greatly, depending on various factors such as the type of pump, quality, maintenance and conditions of use. On average, a good quality pond pump will last between 5 and 10 years.

Some tips to extend the life of your pond pump:

  • Regular maintenance: Clean the pump and filters regularly to prevent clogging and overloading..
  • Correct installation: Make sure the pump is correctly installed and at the correct depth.
  • Protection from the elements: In winter, it may be necessary to protect the pump from freezing or temporarily remove it from the pond.
  • Prevent dry running: Make sure the pump never runs dry, which can cause damage.

At A2KOI, we offer a wide range of high-quality pond pumps designed for durability and reliability. In addition, we offer expert advice on installation, maintenance and protection to maximize the life of your pond pump.

The decision to turn off a pond pump depends on several factors such as climate, type of pond and the presence of fish. In areas with mild winters, the pump can often remain active year-round, especially if the pond is deep enough (at least 1 meter) to prevent complete freezing. This provides constant water circulation and oxygen supply, which is important for fish health and overall pond ecology.

In regions with harsh winters, it may be necessary to turn off the pump to prevent freezing damage. When turning off the pump, provide an alternative oxygen source to keep fish and plants healthy. When turning off the pump in the winter, it is important to clean and store it in a frost-free place.

At A2KOI, we are happy to advise you on the best policies for your pond pump during different seasons, based on your specific pond conditions and climate.

Basisprincipe van een Vijverpomp

De kernfunctie van een vijverpomp is het circuleren van water in de vijver. Dit is essentieel voor het onderhouden van een gezond vijverecosysteem. De circulatie helpt bij het verspreiden van zuurstof, het verwijderen van afvalstoffen en het bevorderen van een evenwichtige waterkwaliteit.

Componenten van de Vijverpomp

  • Motor en Rotor: De motor drijft een rotor aan in de pomp.
  • Waaier: Aan het einde van de rotor bevindt zich een waaier, essentieel voor het verplaatsen van water.
  • Inlaat en Uitlaat: Water wordt via een inlaat aangezogen en via de rotor en waaier verplaatst, waarna het door een uitlaat weer de vijver in gaat.


  1. Waterinlaat: Water komt de pomp binnen aan de voorkant.
  2. Aanzuigende werking: De draaiende rotor creëert een kracht die het water naar de waaier trekt.
  3. Waterverplaatsing: De waaier verplaatst het water omhoog door de pomp.
  4. Uitstroom: Het water wordt terug de vijver in gestuwd.

Deze werking wordt aangedreven door een elektrische motor, essentieel voor het continu draaien van de rotor en de watercirculatie.

Belang van de Pomp

De vijverpomp functioneert als het kloppende hart van de vijver en is cruciaal voor het levendig en gezond houden van de vijver. Het verwijdert schadelijke afvalstoffen en voegt essentiële stoffen zoals zuurstof en CO2 toe.

Overview of Different Types of Pond Pumps


When choosing the right pond pump, it is important to know what types are available and what their specific functions are. Below is an overview of the most common types of pond pumps so that you can make an informed choice for your pond.

1. Controllable Pond Pumps

Features: These pumps offer the ability to adjust flow and power, making them very flexible for different pond conditions and seasons.

Application: Ideal for ponds where water circulation needs change, such as with changing weather conditions or fish populations.

2. Non Adjustable Pond Pumps

Features: These pumps have a fixed flow capacity and are simpler in design and use.

Application: Suitable for pond owners who need constant and reliable water circulation without the need for adjustments.

3. Fountain pumps

Features: Designed to supply water to fountains, often equipped with different nozzles for various water patterns.

Application: Perfect for adding a visually appealing water feature to the pond and for additional water aeration.

4. Submersible pumps

Characteristics: These pumps are fully submerged in the pond and are often quieter and less visible.

Application: Ideal for smaller ponds or as a discreet alternative, suitable for water circulation and filtration.

5. High Pressure Pumps for Drum Filters

Features: Specifically designed for use with drum filters, these pumps provide the higher pressure needed.

Use: Essential for koi ponds and other large ponds where powerful and efficient filtration is required.

Each type of pond pump has its own unique benefits and applications. When selecting a pump, it is important to consider the size of your pond, the presence of fish and plants, and specific aesthetic and functional requirements. Careful selection will ensure optimal health and beauty of your pond.

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