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Anti -parasite - 500 ml (25kb)

  • Effective Parasite Control
  • Preventive Fungus Treatment
  • Optimized for Ponds

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Product number: 5425035780164
Manufacturer: de Koidokter
EAN: 5425035780164
Product: The Koi Doctor Anti-Parasite 500ml - Effectively Combat Fungi & Pond Parasites.
Short description The Koi Doctor Anti-Parasite 500ml - Effective Treatment Against Pond Parasites and Fungi
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Product information "Anti -parasite - 500 ml (25kb)"

Eradicate Parasites with The Koidokter Anti-Parasite

Fight effectively against pond parasites and fungi, and keep your pond inhabitants healthy with Anti-Parasite - 500 ml from The Koidokter.

Product Details

  • Contents:

    500 ml (25kb)
  • Active Ingredients:

    Formaldehyde 40% and Malachite Green
  • Application:

    Treatment for white spot, costia, trichodina, chilodonella
  • Suitable for:

    Ponds and aquariums (not in combination with salt)

Key Benefits of Anti-Parasite - 500 ml

The advanced formula of The Koidokter not only treats but also prevents commonly occurring parasites and fungi that can affect your pond life.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Care Specialist

  • Question:

    How do I dose The Koidokter Anti-Parasite for my pond?
  • Answer: For optimal effectiveness, use 20 ml per 1000 liters of pond water. Reduce the dosage to 80% if the pH value is less than 7.
  • Question:

    Can I combine this product with other pond treatments?
  • Answer: It is not recommended to combine Anti-Parasite with other chemical treatments to avoid interactions and side effects.
  • Question:

    What safety measures should I take when using this product?
  • Answer: Protect yourself with gloves and ensure ventilation. Avoid inhalation or skin contact, and follow standard first aid measures if exposed.

Summary of the Effects of Anti-Parasite

Anti-Parasite from The Koidokter is an essential agent in the fight against parasites and fungi, ensuring your pond remains healthy and your fish can thrive.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Care Specialist

  • +

    Immediate action against a wide range of unicellular parasites
  • +

    Prevents and treats fungal infections
  • +

    Specially formulated for delicate pond ecosystems
  • -

    Do not combine with salt treatments or high salt concentrations
  • -

    Specific safety measures are required

Choose a healthy pond and protect your water flora and fauna with Anti-Parasite - 500 ml from The Koidokter. Take the step towards a clear and vibrant pond environment now.


Anti-Parasite - 500 ml (25kb): Key Features and Benefits

Protect your precious pond inhabitants with the concentrated formula of The Koi Doctor Anti-Parasite. This product is specifically designed for Koi and pond enthusiasts looking for a reliable solution to combat parasites and maintain the health of their fish and pond ecosystem.

Effective Against Pond Parasites

Particularly during transitional periods when pond water can be unstable, Anti-Parasite - 500 ml offers robust protection against harmful parasites and pathogens.

  • Immediate action against white spot and other unicellular parasites.
  • Reduces stress in your pond residents by eliminating irritants.
  • Supports a healthy ecosystem, free from unwanted guests.

Prevention and Treatment of Fungi

Anti-Parasite - 500 ml not only prevents parasitic infections but also actively combats fungal infections that can pose a threat to your Koi and pond plants.

  • Effectively prevents the growth of fungal organisms.
  • Supports the natural recovery processes of fish following infections.
  • Maintains the integrity of the fin membranes and skin of Koi.

Safe Application for Ponds and Aquariums

When applied correctly, Anti-Parasite - 500 ml is safe for use in your pond or aquarium, without harming the complex ecosystem.

  • Specially formulated for use in delicate water ecosystems.
  • No disruption of the biological balance when used at the recommended dosage.
  • Suitable for use in both koi ponds and indoor aquariums.

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