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Air hose 9 x 12 blank 10 meter roll

  • UV-resistant material
  • Flexible PVC compound
  • Efficient oxygen distribution

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Product number: KA26610M
Manufacturer: Europond
Product: Europond Air Hose 9x12mm Transparent PVC 10m - UV-resistant, Flexible, For Pond Pumps
Short description "Europond Air Hose 9x12mm Clear, Flexible PVC, 10m - UV-resistant & Suitable for All Pond Pumps"
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Product information "Air hose 9 x 12 blank 10 meter roll"

Breathe the Difference with Europond Air Hose

Revitalize your pond with the Europond Air Hose, the unseen force behind healthy pond water. This 10-meter long, transparent tube ensures optimal air distribution and undeniable clarity.

Product Details

  • Diameter:

    9 x 12 mm for efficient airflow
  • Length:

    10-meter roll for versatile applications
  • Material:

    Durable clear PVC for long-term use
  • Brand:

    Europond, trusted in pond accessories

Key Benefits: Keep Your Pond in Prime Condition with Europond Air Hose

The Europond Air Hose 9 x 12 not only ensures a rich oxygen content in your pond but also guarantees the clarity and health of your aquatic life.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Specialist

  • Question:

    Is this hose also suitable for outdoor use throughout all seasons?
  • Answer: Absolutely, the Europond Air Hose is designed to withstand various weather conditions.
  • Question:

    Can the hose be shortened for smaller ponds?
  • Answer: Yes, the hose is easily adjustable to the desired length.


The Europond Air Hose is an essential accessory for any pond owner, ideal for ensuring a healthy aquatic environment. With 10 meters of flexibility, it is perfect for a variety of applications.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Specialist

  • +

    Versatile 10-meter length
  • +

    Durable clear PVC material
  • +

    Easily customized to the desired size
  • -

    Clear color may stand out in natural settings

Ready for a Crystal Clear Pond?

Invest now in a healthy pond environment with the Europond Air Hose. Get your roll today and breathe new life into your pond!


9 x 12 Transparent Air Hose 10 Meter Roll: Key Features and Benefits

The Europond Air Hose is an essential tool for every pond and Koi enthusiast. Whether you own a small garden pond or a large Koi pond, this air hose provides the perfect solution for delivering vital oxygen to your pond water.

Applications in Koi Ponds

Raising Koi requires optimized conditions for healthy growth and development. The Europond Air Hose aids in creating these conditions by providing a constant, reliable air supply.

  • Ensures a stable oxygen level, crucial for Koi health
  • Promotes the breakdown of harmful substances by air pumps
  • Contributes to clear pond water and prevents algae growth

Winter Use and Frost Protection

During the cold winter months, using the Europond Air Hose helps to prevent your pond from completely freezing over, which is vital for the survival of pond life.

  • Keeps a part of the water surface ice-free
  • Allows for necessary gas exchange, even in winter
  • Increases your pond's resistance to detrimental weather conditions

Flexible Adjustment for Small and Large Ponds

No matter the size of your pond, the Europond Air Hose can be easily shortened or extended to meet your specific needs.

  • Can be cut to size for precision in air distribution
  • Offers the ability to link multiple hoses together for larger systems
  • Transparent material blends inconspicuously with the surroundings

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