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3/3 coupling (black) Glue x female thread 50mm x 1½"

  • Easy installation
  • Robust construction
  • Waterproof seal


Product number: W1050028
Manufacturer: Aquaforte
Product: AquaForte 3/3 Coupling Black - Strong Glue x Female Thread Connection 50mm x 1½" for Pond
Short description AquaForte 3/3 Coupling Black - Adhesive x Female Thread 50mm x 1½" for Pond Installations
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Product information "3/3 coupling (black) Glue x female thread 50mm x 1½""

Discover the Aquaforte 3/3 Coupling

Connect your pond system with ease and assurance thanks to the robust black Aquaforte 3/3 coupling. Designed for solid glue connections and reliable internal thread connections of 50mm x 1½".

Product Details

  • Type: 3/3 coupling for pond installations
  • Color: Black
  • Connections: Glue x Internal Thread
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 1½"
  • Brand: Aquaforte

Key Benefits of the Aquaforte 3/3 Coupling

With the Aquaforte 3/3 coupling, your pond connections are strong and secure. No leaks or parts coming loose, but a stable and durable fixture for years of pond enjoyment.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Installation Specialist

  • Question: Is this coupling easy to install?
  • Answer: Certainly, the Aquaforte 3/3 coupling is designed for a straightforward and quick installation without the need for specialized tools.
  • Question: Can this coupling withstand high pressure?
  • Answer: Yes, the robust construction and quality of the material ensure high resistance to pressure.


The Aquaforte 3/3 coupling (black) is the ideal choice for a solid and durable connection of your pond components. With its specific dimension of 50mm x 1½" and the simple glue connection, this product stands out for its ease of use and reliability.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Installation Specialist

  • + Simple installation
  • + Durable material choice
  • + Ensures a watertight connection
  • - Limited to specific sizing

Make the Connection That Lasts

For pond enthusiasts seeking reliability and quality, the Aquaforte 3/3 coupling is an essential component. Opt for the confidence of a strong connection and order now!


AquaForte 3/3 Coupling Black - Strong Adhesive x Female Thread Connection 50mm x 1½": Key Features and Benefits

The AquaForte 3/3 Coupling is an essential component for any pond and Koi enthusiast looking for a reliable connection in their pond setup. Suitable for both professional pond managers and hobbyists, this coupling ensures a durable and watertight connection, essential for the health and well-being of pond inhabitants.

Applications in Pond Installation

This product is extremely suitable for connecting pond filters, pumps, and UV-C units. The AquaForte 3/3 coupling provides a solid construction that maximizes the efficiency of your pond system.

  • Perfect fit for standard pond installation equipment
  • High pressure resistance for reliable operation
  • Black color blends seamlessly with the pond bottom

AquaForte Coupling in Koi Ponds

Koi are sensitive to fluctuations in water quality. The AquaForte coupling ensures a leak-free connection that is essential for maintaining a stable aquatic environment.

  • Creates a healthy living environment for Koi by ensuring safe water circulation
  • Simple installation allows for quick adjustments to be made
  • Robust design guarantees long service life, even with intensive use

Upgrade of Pond Capacity

When you want to expand your pond capacity, the AquaForte 3/3 coupling offers a strong and flexible solution for connecting new components.

  • Provides a secure connection when expanding the pond system
  • Compatible with various pipe materials and pond equipment
  • Strong adhesive connection ensures a durable expansion of your pond

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