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Rubber buffer set AquaMax Eco Cl. 8500 - Component Oase

Product information "Rubber buffer set AquaMax Eco Cl. 8500 - Component Oase"

Rubber Buffer Set for AquaMax Eco Classic 8500: Part 2 of Your Pond Pump Diagram

Enhance the longevity of your pond pump with the original Rubber Buffer Set for the AquaMax Eco Classic 8500 from Oase, the leading brand in pond technology. This essential set is your foundation for a noiseless and smooth operation.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Oase
  • Compatibility: Specially designed for the AquaMax Eco Classic 8500 pond pump
  • Function: Reducing vibrations and noise
  • Installation: Easy attachment as part 2 on the pump diagram

Key Benefits of the Rubber Buffer Set AquaMax Eco Classic 8500

Upgrade your pond experience with the reliable Rubber Buffer Set, ensuring an undisturbed and efficient operation of your AquaMax Eco Classic 8500 pond pump.

Questions Answered by Our Pond Pump Specialist:

  • Question: Is this rubber buffer set suitable for other pumps?
  • Answer: This set is exclusively designed for the AquaMax Eco Classic 8500 and ensures optimal fit and functionality specifically for this model.
  • Question: How easy is the installation of this set?
  • Answer: The installation is very simple; the rubber buffers can be attached to the correct position of the pump without any tools.


The Oase Rubber Buffer Set for the AquaMax Eco Classic 8500 is indispensable for a quiet and effective pond pump. Ideal for pond enthusiasts looking for high-quality components.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Pond Pump Specialist:

  • + Designed for a perfect fit on your AquaMax Eco Classic 8500
  • + Contributes to a longer lifespan of the pond pump
  • - Not suitable for other pumps beyond the specified model

Now enhance the lifespan and performance of your pond pump with the Oase Rubber Buffer Set and enjoy the serene ambiance of your pond without disruptive noises.


Rubber Buffer Set for AquaMax Eco Classic8500: Key Features and Benefits

The Rubber Buffer Set from Oase for the AquaMax Eco Classic8500 is an essential addition for owners of a Koi pond or any pond. This set ensures necessary protection and contributes to the extended lifespan of your pond pump, resulting in a peaceful and optimal habitat for Koi and other pond inhabitants.

Optimal Protection for Your Pond Pump

The rubber buffer set is specifically designed to support the AquaMax Eco Classic 8500 pond pump. By damping vibrations, it protects against wear and tear and lowers noise levels, resulting in a tranquil pond environment.

  • Specially made for the AquaMax Eco Classic 8500 series for a perfect fit.
  • The durable rubber material provides effective damping and absorbs unwanted vibrations.

Easy Installation

For pond managers, maintaining the pump with this buffer set is a breeze. The included instruction manual ensures that installation is quick and trouble-free.

  • The installation guide allows you to replace the buffers by yourself without external assistance.
  • No additional tools are required, offering a user-friendly experience.

Extended Lifespan of the Pond Pump

A well-functioning pond pump is central to the ecosystem of your pond. With this rubber buffer set, you ensure the longevity of your pump, which contributes to the clarity and quality of the pond water.

  • A long-lasting pump means more enjoyment of your pond without constant concerns about maintenance.
  • By extending the life of the pump, you also save on replacement costs in the long term.

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