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Filter Scale AquaMax Eco Cl. 3500-14500

Product information "Filter Scale AquaMax Eco Cl. 3500-14500"

Essential for Every Pond Filter: AquaMax Eco Classic 3500-14500 Filter Wheel

Increase the performance of your pond filter with the robust and reliable AquaMax Eco Classic 3500-14500 Filter Scale from Oase.

Product details

  • Type:Filter Scale
  • Compatible:AquaMax Eco Classic series 3500-14500
  • Brand:Oase
  • Function:Optimizes filtration capacity
  • Installation:Easy to install as part 3 on the drawing
  • Maintenance:Easy to keep clean for long-term use

Main Benefits: Filter bowl AquaMax Eco Classic 3500-14500

The AquaMax Eco Classic 3500-14500 filter bowl from Oase is essential for a clear and clean pond environment. Designed for seamless integration with your existing filtration system.

Questions answered by our Pond Filter Specialist

  • Question:Is the filter shell easy to replace?
  • Answer: Yes, this filter shell is designed for quick and effortless replacement, fitting into your current AquaMax Eco Classic system.
  • Question:Does this component help improve water quality?
  • Answer:Absolutely, it optimizes filter capacity which can significantly improve water quality in your pond.


This Oase filter wheel is the ideal replacement or upgrade for your AquaMax Eco Classic 3500-14500, designed to maximize your filter efficiency and facilitate maintenance.

The Pluses and minuses according to our Pond Filter Specialist

  • +Easy installation as a replacement part
  • +Improves filtration and enhances water quality
  • +Long life and low maintenance
  • -Specific for AquaMax Eco Classic series, not universally applicable

Make your pond maintenance a piece of cake

Choose the durability and reliability of Oase. Order your AquaMax Eco Classic 3500-14500 filter bowl today and take the step toward a brighter pond and easier maintenance!


Filter Tray AquaMax Eco Cl. 3500-14500: Key Features and Benefits

The Filter Tray AquaMax Eco Cl. 3500-14500 is an essential component for any pond owner who wants to keep their aquatic environment clean and healthy. Suitable for both small and large ponds, this product ensures that your precious Koi and other pond inhabitants can thrive in an optimal setting.

Maintaining Optimal Water Quality

Maintaining a clear and clean pond is crucial for the health of your Koi. The AquaMax Eco Filter Tray is designed to effectively filter impurities from the pond water.

  • Removes floating particles and sediment for a clear view of your pond life
  • Supports ecological balance by breaking down excess nutrients
  • Ensures optimal water circulation which is essential for a good oxygen distribution

Seasonal Pond Maintenance

As seasons change, so do the needs of your pond water. The AquaMax Eco Cl. Filter Tray offers flexible solutions to match each season to keep your pond in peak condition.

  • Enhances filter capacity in spring to prepare for the rapid growth of algae
  • Provides additional support during the hot summer months when the water requires more oxygen
  • Assists in preparing the pond for the colder autumn and winter months

Long-lasting Operation and Durability

The AquaMax Eco Cl. Filter Tray is not just about ensuring clean water; it's also built to last. This component is designed for prolonged use and assists in reducing maintenance costs and time.

  • Sturdy materials guarantee a long lifespan of the filter tray
  • Limits the frequency of replacements and maintenance
  • Easy to clean and maintain for consistently optimal performance

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