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Deco Gravel Neon Yellow 1kg

4 Extra A2-Bonuspunten
  • Vibrant Neon Color
  • 100% Safe Material
  • Encourages Natural Behavior

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Product number: A8050015
Manufacturer: Superfish
EAN: 8715897272806
Product: Superfish Deco Grind Neon Yellow 1kg - Safe Aquarium Substrate, Stable & Vibrant
Short description Superfish Deco Grind Neon Yellow 1kg - Vibrant Aquarium Substrate, Safe and Stable
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Product information "Deco Gravel Neon Yellow 1kg"

Make Your Aquarium Vibrant with Deco Grind Neon Yellow

Illuminate your fish's world with the sparkling Deco Grind Neon Yellow 1kg from Superfish. This stunning decorative gravel, safe for all inhabitants, transforms any aquarium into a neon paradise.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Superfish
  • Weight: 1kg package
  • Color: Striking Neon Yellow
  • Safety: 100% safe for fish and plants
  • Variety: Available in 6 neon colors

Main Benefits of Deco Grind Neon Yellow

The Deco Grind Neon Yellow is not just pleasing to the eye but also adds to the health of your aquarium!

  • Keeps the bottom of your aquarium firm and stable
  • Encourages natural digging and hiding behavior in fish
  • Neutral pH value that does not affect the water
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Questions Answered by Our Aquarium Specialist

  • Question: Can I use this gravel in an aquarium with live plants?
  • Answer: Yes, the Deco Grind Neon Yellow is safe for both fish and plants and supports healthy plant growth.
  • Question: Is it necessary to wash the gravel before use?
  • Answer: We recommend rinsing the gravel under running water to remove any residual dust for a clear view of your aquarium.


Deco Grind Neon Yellow from Superfish is an ideal choice for the enthusiast who wants to combine functionality with aesthetics. It provides a stable base for plants and fish and brings a lively atmosphere to any aquarium.

Pros and Cons According to Our Aquarium Specialist

  • + Adds a vibrant color to your aquarium
  • + Supports the health of fish and plants
  • + Easy to maintain
  • - May slightly differ from the picture due to screen settings

With Deco Grind Neon Yellow, your aquarium becomes a shining centerpiece. Dare to opt for a colorful underwater world that is both fascinating and safe for your aquatic dwellers. Discover the magic of neon!

Properties "Deco Gravel Neon Yellow 1kg"
A2 Bonus Factor: 2x Bonus points
Type of Animal: Fish

Superfish Deco Grind Neon Yellow 1kg: Key Features and Benefits

Whether you are a novice enthusiast or an experienced Koi connoisseur, the Superfish Deco Grind Neon Yellow 1kg offers the perfect balance of aesthetic enhancement and functional management for your pond or aquarium. This product is specifically designed not only to give ponds and aquariums a sparkling appearance for Koi and other fish but also to optimize their living conditions.

Creating a Visually Appealing Koi Pond

A vibrantly decorated pond doesn’t just draw the attention of visitors, but it also increases the well-being of your Koi by mimicking their natural habitat.

  • Adds a striking visual element with its neon yellow color
  • Encourages Koi with an environment similar to their natural surroundings
  • Offers a strong contrast with the traditional colors of Koi, making them more visible

Improving the Health of Koi in Aquariums

The physical structure of the Superfish Deco Grind Neon Yellow supports the vital functions of your pond or aquarium, contributing to the health of your Koi.

  • Helps in maintaining a stable bottom, essential for healthy plant growth
  • Creates a safe setting for Koi to hide and exhibit their natural behavior
  • Has a neutral pH that doesn't disturb the water quality

Ease of Use and Maintenance of the Grind

For Koi enthusiasts who value convenience and efficiency, Deco Grind Neon Yellow makes maintaining an aquarium simpler.

  • Easier to clean than traditional gravel due to its smooth texture
  • Long-lasting and retains its striking color
  • No complex procedures needed for installation in the pond or aquarium

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