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Combis system ice and snow scraper from steel 30 cm

  • Robust spring steel
  • Interchangeable blade
  • 30 cm working width

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Product number: 03251-20.000.00
Manufacturer: Gardena
EAN: 4078500325103
Product: Gardena Combisystem Ice and Snow Scraper 30cm, Spring Steel with Replaceable Blade
Short description Gardena Combisystem 30cm Spring Steel Ice and Snow Scraper with Replaceable Blade.
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Product information "Combis system ice and snow scraper from steel 30 cm"

Combat Winter Weather with the Gardena Combi System Ice and Snow Scraper

Prepare yourself for the winter chill with the

Gardena Combi System Ice and Snow Scraper made of spring steel 30cm

. Perfect for removing stubborn ice and compacted snow, and even for cleaning dirt all year round. Discover the power of spring steel and enjoy a clean driveway regardless of the season.

Product Details

  • Material:

    Spring steel blade for durability and efficient scraping
  • Interchangeable Blade:

    For extended lifespan and versatility in use
  • Working Width:

    30 cm, ideal for wide paths
  • Handle Length:

    Recommended length of 130 cm for comfortable use
  • Warranty:

    25 years for confidence in your purchase

Key Advantages of the Gardena Ice and Snow Scraper

Designed to effectively and effortlessly tackle ice and snow, the Gardena scraper sets a new standard for winter tools. Its robust blade and ergonomic design make it an essential tool for any winter.

Questions Answered by Our Garden Maintenance Specialist

  • Question:

    Is the scraper only suitable for winter?
  • Answer: Absolutely not, the Gardena scraper is versatile and also perfect for removing dirt throughout the year.
  • Question:

    Can I replace the blade when it's worn out?
  • Answer: Yes, the blade is interchangeable, which ensures long-term use and an excellent investment.


The Gardena Combi System Ice and Snow Scraper combines strength, versatility, and durability for both wintry conditions and everyday cleaning tasks. Its interchangeable blade and long handle length make it an indispensable tool for every gardener and homeowner.

The Pros and Cons According to Our Garden Maintenance Specialist

  • +

    Sturdy spring steel for long-lasting efficiency
  • +

    Interchangeable blades for versatility
  • +

    Recommended handle length for optimal ease of use
  • +

    25-year warranty as proof of quality and reliability
  • -

    Handle length must be purchased separately

Take the Upper Hand This Winter!

Prepare for a worry-free winter and order your Gardena Combi System Ice and Snow Scraper now. Enjoy the reliability and quality that Gardena offers and easily remove ice and snow. Don't let winter days thwart your plans – be prepared with Gardena.


Combisystem Steel Ice and Snow Scraper 30cm: Key Features and Benefits

The Gardena Combisystem Ice and Snow Scraper is a versatile tool that is essential for pond and Koi enthusiasts during the cold months. It not only helps in maintaining a clear and safe environment around your pond but is also perfect for general garden cleaning tasks.

Safe Pond Edges During Winter

Preserve the beauty and safety of your pond edges, even on the coldest winter days. The Gardena scraper ensures that ice and snow can be easily removed, which is crucial for the safety of your Koi and pond life.

  • Easily remove dangerous layers of ice that can lead to hazardous situations.
  • Prevent pond pollution due to accumulation of dirt and leaves.
  • Maintain the aesthetic value of your pond surroundings throughout the year.

Comprehensive Garden Maintenance for Pond Lovers

The Gardena scraper is not just limited to winter use; it is also an ideal tool for regular maintenance of your garden. Effortlessly clean paths and patios to keep your garden in optimal condition.

  • Ideal for removing caked-on dirt and leaves around your pond and garden.
  • Use it in all seasons for a neat and well-maintained outdoor space.
  • The spring steel blade ensures effective scraping without damaging surfaces.

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